Mooting Club

What is the Mooting Club?

The Mooting club is our very own Debating & Public speaking club. It is a fun and lively club in which kids are taught to debate about current, contemporary issues and public affairs and taught to present their cases and arguments against their opposition and before a judge in a 'court room' set up. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have to not only being a in court like setting but also experiencing the Legal world.

Speaking in public, making your point, backing it with evidence and arguing your case persuasively are all skills needed whether in the classroom, at university, in the world of work and in life in general!

In these classes, students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and connect to their audience. It improves their critical thinking, research, listening skills and most importantly heighten their own inner confidence and much more, keeping in mind kids get motivated if the class is FUN!

The Mooting Club provides plenty of opportunities for students to platform their skills and is a training ground for our students who go on to compete and show case their skills at events, competitions, debates with a public panel and “Question Time” Style panel too.

Most importantly, our Mooting club gives children a voice! And the confidence that their voice and opinion is important and respected regardless of age.

Our Mooting club is priced at £5 per hour.